skey - web developer


  1. 01 Generate SSH key
  2. 02 Install SSH key
  3. 03 Install LAMP
  4. 04 Install globally Composer.phar
  5. 05 Edit crontab with nano
  6. 06 Setup Virtual Host
  7. 07 Apache modules
  8. 08 PHP modules
  9. 09 Setup Git Repository
  10. 10 Move local git repository to bitbucket
  11. 11 Speed up your website with Pagespeed mod
  12. 12 Continuous Integration with Strider
  13. 13 How to Deploy Continuously
  14. 14 Install Node Version Manager for Node.js on Ubuntu

DevOps - Developement Operations

I was working with my older operating system, Ubuntu 12.04 with Luna on it, for the past 2 years. I really enjoyed it, but as with all new things which we learn, we usually break also many things. On the other side, I learned a lot about Linux system administration while using it. So rather than fixing hacked system, I recently installed a new version of centOS 7 with GNU GUI on my PC. I will try to document some of the tasks of setting up the system. So here we come. :) There are some differences in commands on Ubuntu and CentOS based system and I will try to show commands for both systems.

PS: If you spot any errrors, I apologise and I would be grateful, if you could report them back to me. Thanks.